4” x 5” Silk Base Topper

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Silk Base Topper, is a super lightweight discreet 100% Hand Tied Topper which features a free parting that adds seamless volume and coverage on the top of the head and along the part.

The Silk Top ensures the knots 100% invisible and gives the illusion that the hair is actually growing out of your scalp.

The benefits are endless as the piece lies completely flat to the head, is undetectable, zero tension, breathable and natural looking.

The entire base is  hand-tied reducing bulk which you may have experienced in the past.

PU Perimeter

4×5″ Base Size

130% Density

Weight Based on 18-20″ Length : 80g

5 Cips

If your hair loss is isolated to the parting area & surrounding hair area, the 4×5″ base is just the perfect amount of coverage. Coverage isolated only where you need it ensures the most natural result possible. Blends in effortlessly.

It is made of 100% Brazilian Remy Human hair meaning it can be coloured and or heat-styled with a flat iron or curling iron.  The hair is naturally straight with a very very natural wave when washed. You can further straighten, wave or curl to suit your needs with heated appliances.

To correctly determine the ideal length for your hair topper, apply the following steps:

Take a flexible measuring tape, put one end in the middle of the very top of your head, pull and stretch the tape down to where you would like the ends to finish.  It is recommended to choose a length 2” longer and trim it.  This ensures the topper would benefit from thicker, blunter ends, as all hair naturally tapers off thinner towards the bottom.  If you have layered hair and wish to choose a shorter length, this is absolutely fine, follow the above steps and measure down to where you would like the topper to end.  Unfortunately the toppers are not thick enough to give you length unless you purchase alongside a hair on a wire.

Advantages include:

Hide early stages of hair loss and thinning

Cover out-grown root colour/white hair/

Go longer in between washes

Cleaner, more compact appearing silk scalp

Lightweight, natural looking and comfortable

Lighten or darker hair colour depending on chosen shade.

Pressure sensitive clips
Easy to apply, secure, lightweight, non-damaging, and non-permanent.

All Perfectfringe Hairpieces come in a Free Beautiful Satin Storage Bag, Free Comb and Care Guide.