Two Clip in Seamless Fillers – 2″


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Due to high demand the estimated time frame for your order to be processed is 15+ working days. For those in a hurry or simply do not wish to wait in line, there is the option to choose “Fast Track”. This places your order at the very top of the queue and shortens your wait time to 2 working days.

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Option to purchase an extra seamless filler individually. Leave a note at checkout what width/length you require.

Quick and easy way of adding the perfect, subtle amount of volume and thickness by clipping in the Volumizer under to your existing Perfectfringe hair piece or your own hair of the same length. Weight (75g) based on 18 inch hair length, 4 pressure sensitive clips (32mm) attached to your hairpiece. 7 inch width.

12 pink high quality bendy rollers for heat free curls & waves.


Two Clip in Seamless Fillers – 2″

The Seamless Filler is an innovative seamless no track clip-in filler which adds seamless volume and coverage where your hair needs it most. It can be applied directly to the top of your hair to effortlessly hide thinning from every angle or placed just underneath your own hair. Buy as many as you need in the measurements you require to create your perfect look. The Seamless Fillers are made of 100% Brazilian Remy human hair so they can be coloured and or heat-styled with a flat iron or curling iron to create a style which suits you. The Seamless Filler is easy to apply and remove, is tightly secure once clipped in, lightweight and won’t damage your existing hair.

Advantages of the Seamless Filler:

  • Hides hair loss and thinning
  • Adds volume to existing hair
  • Is great for hiding regrowth hair, including whites and greys
  • It’s lightweight, natural looking and comfortable to wear
  • Can lighten or darken existing hair colour depending on the shade chosen

Included free of charge with your Seamless Filler: 

  • Beautiful satin storage bag for your hair piece
  • Hair comb
  • Hair care guide
  • 2 Pressure sensitive clips (23mm) attached to your hairpiece