Loyalty Scheme

Here at Perfectfringe, we value Loyalty.

By way of appreciation we are rewarding each full price Perfectfringe purchase over £1000 with £100 credit towards their next purchase! (not valid on Revive & Refresh service)

Either use your £100 voucher towards your next purchase, or allow your credit to accumulate and use all at once for a really special treat (maybe you can save enough for a Free Topper!!)

It’s important to point out that our Loyalty points can only be earned or spent on FULL price items only. If an item is in the sale, or you purchased a Topper whilst on sale, you  have already been given a discount for that purchase.

Your Perfectfringe credit with not expire.

Typical example: 

Zena placed 4 orders in 2023 and is now ready to place her 5th Perfectfringe Order.

She contacts Andrea to say “I am ready to use my credit towards a topper I have just seen on your website! I think I have placed 4 orders this year, can you check?”

Andrea searches the system to find 4 full price orders over £1000  have indeed been placed and issues Zena with a unique code for £400 off which is automatically removed off the purchase price during checkout.

Zena places her 5th order (minus £400) and instantly earns another £100 credit towards future orders.

We truly love and appreciate our customers and this is our way of saying, THANK YOU.