**OUT OF STOCK** “QUEEN BEE” 4×5″ Silk Base Topper, Free Part, Remy Human Hair, Flat, Natural, Discreet, Ashy Pearl Blonde, Smokey Root



We permanently colour in a darker root to give an Ombre effect to your hair topper

Real Hair Stretchy Messy Bun

We start just below the chin and feather the hair downwards right to the ends to give a feathered face framing hair cut to the front of your hair topper. This it not a fringe/bangs.

We add fine highlights over the top of an ombre root smudge to break up the root and give beautiful dimension along the top. This is an additional extra to the cost of adding in a root. Both are needed for the desired end result. Works best on lighter hair colours, will not show up on darker shades.

We foil lowlights (two shades darker, or as instructed) evenly throughout your Topper, from the root to the ends to create subtle dimension. You can email us with further instructions regarding how dark you would like these streaks to be. Works for blonde-mid brown shades only. Will not show up on darker shades.

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“QUEEN BEE” 4×5″ Silk Base Topper, Free Part, Remy Human Hair, Flat, Natural, Discreet.

The root is a dark, VERY ashy brown toned, level 5,

Although the photo may feature a wavy or straight look, this has been styled in using heated appliances and can be easily changed.  If you have a preference, simply leave a note in the message box or email us after Andrea@perfectfringe.co.uk.

DM me for an outside video – or WhatsApp +447939996729

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Light density, flat, natural & discreet

Remy Human Hair

5 clips (32mm)

PU surround

Free Part

*Most of our Toppers have been coloured to create the beautiful shades you see on our website, so do expect some staining underneath the base. This is unavoidable. The silk scalp is not affected.**