“COCOA” Luxury Topper, Shimmering dark brown shade, 8×8″ Silk Toppers, Very Flat, Natural, Comfortable, high quality grade hair, 2 Lengths, “COCOA” Luxury Topper, Dark brown, Further Customise..



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We start just below the chin and feather the hair downwards right to the ends to give a feathered face framing hair cut to the front of your hair topper. This it not a fringe/bangs.

Highlights are added throughout your Topper for lightness and dimension. The highlighted outcome will vary dependant on the hair’s starting base colour

Real Hair Stretchy Messy Bun

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The beauty of our luxury range is: There is an added front hair line to you have the option to either push the hair back, for that extra “flick-factor” (use your own front hair back and over too) or you can bring the hair-line forward for fringe/bangs.

VERY high quality soft hair!

Very natural silk density, very high quality hair

Bigger base, still FLAT & realistic parting, but more coverage (including to the back!

Fringe/Bangs are optional & complimentary, choose what style of fringe/bangs you require at checkout or choose “None” if not required.

(6) 32mm pressure sensitive clips and a wig comb (easy to remove if not needed by snipping the thread)

PU Front Strip for optional use of tape if the wig comb is not required.

Silk base perimeter measures 4×4″ base where the parting can be changed with a stretchy wefted surround.

8×8″ base size is a stretched measurement (which is how it is designed to be worn)

Easy to change the parting see our how-to section on the website

2 Lengths

18-19″ length, Approx weight 105g

22-23″ length, Approx weight 130g

If you are choosing “balayage or highlights” ensure to either send a sample or let us know what “tone” you prefer, ashy or warmth so we can manipulate the toner used for the desired end result!