Do you remember that feeling of instant relief you felt when you placed your Perfectfringe Topper on your head and all your hair loss worries floated away?

There are still so many vulnerable ladies out there feeling lost and hopeless in a world which promises everything, but doesn’t deliver! Wasting hundreds of pounds and still feeling like they have no solution.

But you already know Perfectfringe does exactly what it promises to do! It delivers…and more….

So help spread the word to help other ladies, just like you, find their happiness once again!

We appreciate the love and loyalty so for every new customer you bring our way – we will reward you BOTH!!!!

All we ask is they mention your full name in their message box on their order and you both get £50 off your Perfectfringe purchase.

The new client needs to reach out before they order and they will receive a £50 offer code to use off their first purchase, then once their order is placed (and they choose not to return for a refund) we will gift you a £50 offer code too for your next purchase.

If your refer us 10 times and we get 10 orders from 10 new customers, you get £50 x 10 – it soon adds up!!

A new customer is someone who hasn’t shopped with us before, is new to the brand and had no idea who we were until you kindly stepped in to tell them all about us!

Our Refer a Friend scheme commenced on 20/5/2022 so we can only offer rewards from this date forward.

Spread the love – spread the joy and earn some ££££ all at the same time.

We think it’s a win-win.