Feeling completely overwhelmed by the idea of helper hair? You’ll be relieved to know you are not alone! We are here to turn this daunting task into something really very exciting and enjoyable.

We will hold your hand through the entire process and we promise not to let you buy the wrong piece! If you are not sure, ASK US!! Send pics, your hair length and tell us ideally what you want and we will guide you towards the correct topper from our shop!

We update the pieces most days. We sell out very fast and each piece is unique. If you don’t see a match keep an eye as your perfect topper could be there tomorrow!

Here are four really quick and easy tips to getting started.

1: How much extra hair do you want? Bouncy volume might be right for some clients, whereas flat, barely their hair might be the preference of others. Only YOU know how much hair you want your first topper to have. Remember it’s YOUR hair + hair of the topper = end result!

If you want as little as possible and your hair loss is early/mid stages then take a look at our sister collection.

If you hair loss is further advanced but you still want as little hair as possible, then look for a luxury sized cap (8×8”) to cover evenly but look out for a low gram. Example of a low gram would be 16” length, 110g or 20” length, 125g.

If you want a decent amount of extra hair then look for a happy medium gram. Gram does go hand in hand with length but in general a 20” length would have anywhere between 130-150g. This would also give about 2” of extra length if needed.

If you want MORE HAIR or you are replying on your topper to give a lot of extra length or perhaps to replace the job or extensions then look for a luxury topper 160g and above. Some toppers can go up to 200g. Very high grams can feel a little heavy after hours of wear so bear that in mind too!!

Most clients have a day topper, lower in gram and close to their hair length, then later invest in something a little longer or thicker for nights out or special occasions.

The higher the gram, the longer you can go!!

Low gram or low density won’t give you extra length. The ends will just be too thin!

2: Measure your hair length!! This is vital towards getting the correct topper.

If your hair length is 18” and you want a low density topper then choose something close to 18”. If the only topper available is longer, for example 20” then use the drop down arrows to ask us to cut the length by 2”.

Plan ahead, are you keeping this hair length? Cutting it shorter? Growing it longer? All of this will influence the end result.

If you like tapered layered ends then keep the length as it is. But if you like thick blunt ends or you are trying to gain a LOT of extra length, ie, hide a short hair cut then you need a longer length cut shorter!! At least 4” cut off to really gain super thick ends. If that’s what you like!!


If you are going for a Sister topper, because the base is small, more of your own hair is going to be in show! So colour match is vital!! We describe each colour as accurately as we can, but to avoid any mismatches of colour, do send us some pics and we will advise honestly! We are NOT looking for a quick sale! We want a satisfied customer. Period.

If you have your heart set on a luxury topper, then the good news is, colour matching gets a whole lot easier! Your hair underneath barley shows (especially if the gram is higher) so you can go for a colour you’ve always wanted!! Within reason though! You still want the roots, sides and underneath to match kinda-closely.

Choose a colour with different tones to make it even easier for the colours to match. So if you are a medium blonde but want to be brighter, then look for a dual toned medium blonde with brighter highlights!
Have black hair but want to be warmer? Then go for a black/brown topper with colour work, highlights, balayage etc!

The roots are probably the most important part of colour matching any topper (unless you are cutting a fringe). A fringe eliminates needing to blend your bio hair with the front of the topper.

Not sure? Send pics!!

4: Customise further!!

Most clients choose a face frame. This is a no brainer! In real life, few people have super long hair at the front! Most hair has layering or baby hairs or a long fringe, this looks far more natural.

If you have a fringe/bangs already (which you intend to keep) then you need to ask us to cut the same style into your topper. You cannot have a fringe in your bio hair and no fringe in the topper. It won’t look right!

The measuring tape is your friend!! Don’t assume a 4” fringe will work!! Measure!!

Your parting on your head needs to match the part line of your topper! Hold your hand up and touch your part line! If that’s your right hand, then ask us to part on the right. Left hand, left part! Easy!! Middle partings are hard to blend without a fringe so consider opting for off-centre instead to allow a slight sweeping of your bio hair line for a more natural end result!

That really is it!! It’s real hair! You get a full care guide with detailed instructions! You can curl, straighten etc.

We offer a Uk Revive & Refresh service where we can make changes later to the cut, style or colour so nothing is set in stone!

Please have fun making this purchase! We know hair of this quality is expensive but we can assure you, it will be the best purchase you ever made!

Read our reviews!!!!

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