“THE MEDIUM SISTER COLLECTION” * 110% Low Density, Silk Base, Free Part, Choose your Base Size, Length & Colour



We permanently colour in a darker root to give an Ombre effect to your hair topper

We colour in a Money Piece/Face Framing Highlight to the front of your Topper, 3 shades lighter than your Topper’s shade to create a flattering, bright, highlight around your face (regardless of where you part the Topper this will show through)

Add either lighter highlights OR darker lowlights through your hairpiece for dimension

Layers create volume and movement throughout your hair piece. They work BEST when the hair is styled wavy. Layers will mean the ends on your hairpiece will be thinner as a result.

Real Hair Stretchy Messy Bun


*NEW IN* *LOW DENSITY TOPPERS* 110% Density, Silk Base, Free Part, Choose your Base Size, Length & Colour

Minimal back coverage 

Fringe/Bangs are recommended, choose what style of fringe/bangs you require at checkout.

(5) 32mm pressure sensitive clips, Silk base with lace perimeter (see photo)

Easy to change the parting, whole base is free part

VERY VERY lightweight and low density – ideal if you have extreme thinning and you want to look like you have “less thinning” without looking obvious – this does NOT have a very compact parting – see photos!

Very important note please read:  The hair on these toppers is a natural brown, if you select Flat Black, Darkest Brown, or Balayage this means we personally colour the hair JUST for your order – in accordance to your order. The same happens if you send a hair sample and we decide the natural hair won’t match your hair colour.  Once the natural hair is manipulated to create either Flat Black, Darkest Brown or Balayage there are NO RETURNS.  See more here: https://www.perfectfringe.co.uk/delivery-returns/

Colour options:

Flat Black – dyed colour – extra charge

Dark Brown, natural hair, not been coloured (slight red hue in the daylight) – no charge

Darkest Brown (no red hue – dyed darker – extra charge)

Dark Brown Root – Toffee Balayage Length – extra charge

Dark Brown 3 – no root – no charge

Even if you are sending a sample – select the colour you think your hairpiece will most likely be – if we receive your sample and it needs to be coloured lighter or darker – we will request the extra payment, similarly, if we decide your hair matches the natural hair as it is – then your colour charge will be reimbursed.