Simone Evans

Pefectfringe's customer service is the most responsive I have ever experienced. The online tutorials are superb. And the products exactly as described . The items I have are top quality. I seriously want one of everything. Andrea is passionate about what she does, she is so approachable and 'NORMAL' so easy to build a rapport with. She regularly shows you whats new and available with so many customisable options you can be sure to get exactly what you want. Communication is key. I promise you once you have one item , you will be planning you next purchase. Its addictive.


I wore permanent hair extensions for almost 10 years & with the pandemic, it was time to take a break. That’s when I came across Andrea & Perfect Fringe - while searching for a human hair bun. I have since placed multiple orders. The customer service with Andrea & her team are bar none. She was there to help me with all of my concerns & even came up with a bespoke hair on wire piece to fit what I was looking for. You won’t find this level of quality, customization, & customer service at these prices anywhere else.

Accc Castillo

Andrea has changed my life , I can’t thank her enough for all she does , I’m happy again because of her, I got my confidence back. If you are really looking for quality u are in the right place . I had purchased seamless fillers From her 3 times . . She has never disappointed me! Thank u Andrea!

Kimberley Correia Hunt

I am a long term customer of PerfectFringe with very high expectations and no time for poor service or mediocre product. So I am happy to report that PerfectFringe has always surpassed expectations, with the team there always taking the time to understand my needs, tailor the product to what I am looking for and respond to concerns or questions I may have. I have purchased 8-9 hairpieces, became a customer about 3 years ago and honestly, each range Andrea comes out with gets better and better. Hair: high quality, well priced for value with well constructed bases. Lots of choices as the company does customise to each customer if needed. Customer Service: prompt, effective, courteous, timely and gracious. The IG page is full of the latest and greatest and plenty of content to help customers navigate helper hair. I would 100% have no doubt purchasing for the first time at PerfectFringe; just make sure you are clear on what you are looking for, send in a hair sample and let Andrea and team do the rest!

Jane Bell

I cannot say enough good things about Andrea She is extremely helpful and advises you on the best way forward even if she doesn’t get a sale ! Also the quality of her hair products are second to none I would never ever buy from anyone else she is amazing

Susan Church

Andrea is a class act, professional hair artist. She created a beautiful piece for me with dynamic coloring and perfect style for an amazing improvement. She has a customer for life with me!

Charlie Henard Baker

Andrea really is top notch in this business. Her professionalism and expertise show in her products. I have experienced alopecia for the last 17 years and had been looking into wigs and hair pieces for the last few years, as products and powders weren't hiding my hair loss anymore. I stumbled upon her Instagram account, and followed her for a year....sceptical and unsure. But after watching all the reviews and testimonies...I took a leap and ordered a luxury topper. It changed my life. I should mention I'm a hair dresser. This forever changed all my possibilities for my hair and gave me my confidence back. You can have the dream hair you have always dreamt of. Dont wait. I wish I hadn't.


Andrea is very bespoke. She listens carefully to one needs and will go out of her way to help someone. This is my 8th pievlce from her, love her work and the quality of hair, worth the price. I am just waiting for her to move onto wigs so I can buy few of her, 😁

Kirstine Campbell

I absolutely love Perfectfringe and highly recommend them! I Have bought many pieces from them and will continue to do so. They’ve all been fabulous and look completely natural people are amazed when I tell them I’m wearing a hair piece. Andrea the owner is just lovely and a pleasure to deal with. She’s extremely helpful and really passionate about every hairpiece she makes , she’s also very talented at styling and colouring the pieces and she really cares that she’s sending out high quality products and that the customer is happy with them.


Testimony from Bethany: "For any woman suffering from hair loss and confidence/self esteem issues, I can 100% attest that Andrea is your Angel from up above! I personally suffer from trichotillomania and have been for 18 years. It is extremely emotional and Andrea was the first person in my entire life to give me hope and restore my confidence. She was so sweet and kind, knowledgeable and helpful in helping me get exactly what I needed. Her professional opinion and skill set is beyond comparison. I felt so comfortable with her and was excited to get my life back. I can honestly say I have never been happier in my life! I feel beautiful and sexy again! I trust Andrea beyond what words can express and am so grateful she has come into my life. Please please please give Andrea a shout! She will change your life!!! Xoxoxo for Andrea! ❤❤❤Lots of Love, Bethany"

Katy Hill

Always happy with what I buy from this shop.andrea is the best when it comes to hair pieces and extensions.i have bought a lot of different hair extensions,fringes etc over the years and none of them have ever been any good and have thrown them away as they were no use but would NEVER throw my pieces from Andrea away as they have changed my life when it comes to my hair! Honestly if you are looking for something to make you look like you have naturally brilliant hair,get a piece from Andrea as you will not regret it!

Devon K.

Andrea has done it, again! This spectacular bespoke closure is a complete and total home run! When we first started discussing this piece, I made a ridiculous number of requests for custom upgrades, and Andrea was able to meet and deliver every single one. I am still in awe of how beautiful the piece is and how natural it looks when I wear it. During the planning stages, I used to joke and tell Andrea that she was creating the "Chanel handbag of hairpieces ", and it is absolutely true! Yes, the closure was expensive, but the value is there because Andrea uses first rate hair, the construction is impeccable, it was designed specifically for my complex hair needs, and everytime I wear it, I feel the confidence and pride that comes from knowing your hair looks perfect, always. This is the Etsy shop for the hair of your dreams!


The color is perfect! Thank you for the quality work. I can't thank you enough. Thank you!


I absolutely love them! They gave me my confidence back and Andrea is such a sweetheart she answered all of my concerns. Definitely worth every penny..Cant wait to buy a fringe next!! 5 stars for sure.


the fringe is the ideal solution for a thinning hairline.It’s so easy to wear,light and washable.It has proved undetectable to date and I’m VERY pleased with it.I have already ordered another one and my hairdresser will dye it along with my salon colour AK


When I first started communicating with Andrea, I soon realized that I had met a kindred spirit. We are both obsessed with long, voluminous, gorgeous, PERFECT hair, and she is truly passionate abut her work and making her clients deliriously happy with their purchase(s). Her attention to detail is epic, and we messaged literally dozens of times to make sure that she would be able to bring my vision to life flawlessly, and that is exactly what she did! I also purchased a beehive at the same time as the fringe, and I love them both! We are now collaborating on a bespoke closure piece that is undoubtedly going to be the Chanel handbag of hair enhancements! Buy with confidence from Andrea; she is an treasure, and a delightful person to work with.

katy hill

Excellent quality hair which is lovely and thick from root to owner is fab at matching your hair colour for your extensions and is always willing to help.this is the place to go for perfect hair!!!

Mary Smotrys

Whether you are looking to make your hair look fuller or to cover a spot that might not be a lush as it once was, don't hesitate to buy from PerfectFringe. Not only are the products customized for your needs, but the customer service that you will get from Andrea is top notch! Ten stars if I could….

Melissa K. Chaffin

Am I wearing extensions? Of course I am, but I bet you couldn't tell. These are the best in quality, so natural. I have thinning hair, so glad I came across Andrea, I have three more orders in queue, she is fantastic and friendly and communicates back to you very quickly.


Simply AMAZING! My hair hasn't looked this good in decades, if it ever did. It has gotten so thin I didn't even want to leave the house. I had to wear it up and arrange it just so, with plenty of hairspray, to hide , as best I could, all the balding patches. But with this lovely closure I can pretty much just comb and go. It weighs next to nothing, and I'm not aware of it at all while I'm wearing it, except for a confidence I haven't felt in years. And so much more comfortable and realistic than the full wig option I had been considering. Hurray!


the fringe is the ideal solution for a thinning hairline.It’s so easy to wear,light and washable.It has proved undetectable to date and I’m VERY pleased with it.I have already ordered another one and my hairdresser will dye it along with my salon colour AK

Jenny Watts

What can I say about Andrea and PerfectFringe? EVERYTHING! Andrea has a heart of gold and really cares about her work. This is my second closure from her. I won't go anywhere else! I have a beautiful, soft, real hair closure that covers my thinning hair. AND I LOVE IT!!! She puts so much heart and soul in to her pieces and invests time getting to know her clients and their needs. I have thinning hair from illness and found her on Etsy. Andrea, you are simply the best and I can't thank you enough for helping me get my self esteem back. You are a star! Thank You! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Eva Destruction

Stunning quality and sincerely great & considerate customer service! fast track delivery totally worth every penny with such great quality. If i get brave ill post a photo 😉


Exactly what I expected! I love it!! I wore it with my hair up with a headband. Looks like the clips may be a bit of an issue due to its size when I wear my hair down, but I can work with it. Definitely planning on ordering another item!


Whether you are looking to make your hair look fuller or to cover a spot that might not be a lush as it once was, don't hesitate to buy from PerfectFringe. Not only are the products customized for your needs, but the customer service that you will get from Andrea is top notch! Ten stars if I could….


Amazing quality and workmanship, has made such a difference to my hair. I've had lots of compliments saying how nice my hair looks and nobody knows I'm wearing a hairpiece, looks so natural! So easy to clip in as well, takes minutes. Thank you Andrea!


I absolutely love this product and I hate to sound cliché but it really has changed my life. I am only 32 years old and I suffer from very thin hair. It started happening around the time I was 19. It's so embarrassing to me. I purchased the three-piece topper and the medium fringe bang. I feel like a completely different person! There are several different styles I have already created with them! Andrea answered every single one of my questions promptly. And there were a lot of them! Her customer service is awesome. I plan on buying more pieces from her in the future. They feel so light and you do not even realize you have them in. The hair is easy to hear style just as she had described. Thank you thank you thank you Andrea.


IN LOVE!!!! ❤ this piece I am beyond happy with. Definitely 5 stars for customer service and over all product. Will be purchasing from again.

Joleen Montoya

The color is perfect! Thank you for the quality work. I can't thank you enough. Thank you!


Andrea was awesome! She answered all my 386 questions lol. She didn’t even have the color that I needed and then she messaged me a few days later letting me know she found it! She went above and beyond. Her product is wonderful. Just as described. 100% quality. Awesome to do business with!


Andrea's silk base parting is a perfect first hairpiece for mild hair loss. After many years of sadness and anxiety over my gradually thinning hair, I finally felt brave enough to try helper hair when I found it because it's so discreet that I don't need to worry about people noticing. It's lightweight and, as a newbie, I found it easy to use. Even my boyfriend had difficulty detecting it. If anybody out there is like me, scared of buying their beginner hairpiece, give this a try! I'm SO glad I did!

Harshita Borah

I'm so pleased with the purchase!!! Its just perfect, just received it and tried the piece without any effort and it already looks really good, with some styling with my own hair it'll just look even more amazing 🙂 thank you so much Andrea and for the thoughtful packaging 🙂 everything was perfect! Thank you!

Jessica and Delphi

What can I say, but Thank-you! I contacted Andrea, as recommended by a woman in a trichotillomania support group that I am part of, in support of a family member who has now lost about 1/3 of her hair due to this disorder. Andrea was prompt in her communication, very empathetic and respectful, very professional, with exceptionally fast turnaround time for a custom made order designed to match hair color, texture and length to look very natural. We are more than pleased with the product and I am considering purchasing a piece for myself just for fun! We very highly recommend Andrea. You can put your trust in her ❤️