What’s Causing Your Thinning Hair & How To Deal With It

silk base closure

Client, Kate, in her Silk Base Closure

Hair loss is a topic which is seldom discussed amongst women. Although classically linked to men, recent figures show that 40% of women have visible hair loss by the time they are 40.

There are many causes of female hair loss, some of which are temporary and resolvable such as stress or vitamin deficiency. Other causes, however, are much more complex and harder to tackle.

Here are four of the main causes of hair loss in women:

The much less spoken about female-pattern hair loss (also called androgenetic alopecia) is the equivalent to male pattern baldness. Unlike men, women don’t tend to have a receding hairline, instead they suffer with thinning of the hair and many find that their parting may widen with time.

Severe stress and anxiety can also be leading cause of hair loss amongst men and women. The good news is that anxiety based hair loss is not always permanent.

The relationship between stress and hair loss is a complicated one. One reason for the connection between the two is because an increase level of stress can often cause the body to product more adrenaline. This adrenaline can then be converted into cholesterol which is capable of raising your body’s testosterone levels; it should be noted that having a higher than normal testosterone level can impact the hair growth cycle, especially in women.

Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder in which the immune system attacks hair follicles. For most patients the condition does resolve itself without treatment within a year. For some however the condition can be permanent. Whilst there are many treatments promoted to aid with alopecia, none have been proven to work.

Trichotillomania is a common, (but seldom talked about) hair pulling disorder.  Also known as trich, it is more common in teenagers and young adults and tends to affect girls more often than boys. People with trich feel an intense urge to pull out their hair, often as a response to a stressful situation.

Whilst there is a serious lack of epidemiologic studies for trichotillomania, figures show that approximately 2.5 million Americans alone have been affected by this condition at some point in their lives. Despite the high number of people affected, there is still a taboo around the subject and many men and women feel embarrassed to come forward about this disorder.

How to deal with female hair loss:

Female hair loss can result in loss of self-esteem, depression, anxiety and other emotional issues. Whilst shops are filled with “hair loss” solutions, many women spend a lot of money to see little, or no, results. It may seem obvious but an effective way of coping with hair loss is working with beauty and hair professionals to find a solution that works for you.

Whilst wigs are an easy solution, many women find it daunting to consider wearing a full wig. There are however many other alternatives for thinning hair. In fact, many women don’t realise just how many solutions there are. Over the years Perfectfringe has worked closely with many clients to not only create natural looking hair pieces but more importantly help them find their confidence again.

Below are just a few options that we recommend to women suffering from hair loss. Our extensions are all handmade using Brazilian Remy hair and will not cause thinning, breakage or further damage to your natural hair.

Three-piece hair topper
Our three-piece hair topper is our most highly recommended option for discreetly covering hair loss without causing further damage. They can be applied directly on the top of your hair, along the hairline to hide all thinning effortlessly from every angle, or can be worn slightly under the hair if you prefer. Our toppers add seamless volume and coverage on top of the head and along the parting, whilst leaving your natural hair parting exposed.

Silk based closure
Another option that we recommend is our silk or lace-based closures. They are a discreet way of hiding thinning of hair without having to wear a heavy wig and give a natural looking hair line that can be styled and parted in any way. The silk based closure lays flat on the head and is extremely lightweight and natural looking.

It is clipped onto the top of the head, covering the whole head seamlessly whilst giving a natural looking parting which very convincingly mimics your own hairline. This means that damage to hair is minimal compared to standard extensions that pull on and break hair. Moreover the natural parting means the hair pieces are easy to pass off as your own hair.

Halo (Hair on a wire)
Hair on a wire is a safe and fast way of adding hair length and thickness to your hair. The Halo is ideal for adding volume under your own hair and can be worn alongside your closure. The weight of the hairpiece is supported by the wire resting on your hair meaning there will be zero tension to your actual hair.

Our pieces are made of 100% Brazilian Remy Human hair which means they can be cut, coloured and styled to match your natural hair.

Although female hair loss can be difficult to deal with, it doesn’t have to hold you back. Female hair loss should not be something to be ashamed of and can be covered easily with our specially designed hair pieces.

At Perfectfringe, we deal with different types of hair thinning on a daily basis, from clients who are undergoing chemotherapy, to sufferers of Hypothyroidism and Trichotillomania. We also deal with many clients on a daily basis who find their hair thinning due to certain medication they might be taking. We aim to make finding the perfect hair piece a positive experience that leaves our customers with a new-found confidence.

If you are seeking a discreet and natural hair loss solution and aren’t sure which is the right avenue for you, our founder Andrea at Perfectfringe is always happy to discuss and advise; please find her contact information on our “contact” page.